How can I help you experience both the joy of parenthood and the success of a parenting partnership? 

My practice specializes in treating individuals and couples through the highs and lows that accompany parenthood. Through practice and research, I have uncovered common themes and patterns that many parents find the most challenging and overwhelming. Each theme can be addressed through individual sessions or a customizable package. Packages aim to help clients work through their specific concerns in a timely process with a concrete end goal in mind.

If you find yourself able to relate to any of the below commonly identified challenges then my services are designed for you.

Coping with the ‘Mental Load’

Struggling to balance household/personal/work/family responsibilities, and ensuring adequate quality time spent with children/partner/extended family/friends.

Energy Depletion

Struggling with persistent low energy and lack of sleep. This physical depletion can affect a persons ability to maintain normal routines and keep up with daily tasks. The constant feeling of low energy can make life feel overly chaotic.

The Identity Shift

Feeling like you’ve lost yourself after becoming a mother/parent. Struggling to balance life as a new parent and still focus on your own ambitions, goals, dreams, and self-care.

Lack of Patience and Relinquishing Control

Finding yourself lacking patience, feeling frustrated and unable to let go of control. Knowing your new role as a parent is to teach, to model and to demonstrate. This also means to give children the space to learn and the time needed to understand new tasks. Accompanying giving children the space to learn is letting go if things are done differently or if things take longer than you feel they should. The control you once had over your time and energy is now shared and that can feel frustrating.

Feeling Alone or Isolated

Despite never truly being alone, being a new parent can feel very lonely. Feeling like you’re missing out on previous activities, not socializing with friends and family as often and lacking connection and support can take its toll. There can sometimes be a difference between parenting in your own home and the expectations of ‘community parenting’ and accessing your ‘village’.

Post Baby Relationship Shift

Whether there is one child or more, the inevitable relationship shift will occur. Time demands, schedules and priorities change and this can negatively impact the bond shared within a relationship. The distance created between a couple during this time can make what is already a stressful circumstance feel even more overwhelming.

Postpartum Depression

Beyond the baby blues. A significant hormonal change that may require medical intervention and long-term care. Fatigue, suicidal thoughts, loss of hope, lack of energy, disinterest in normal activity, difficulty caring for self and children are common signs of this condition.

Postpartum Anxiety

Worries, fears, and feelings of overwhelm surrounding everyday tasks and responsibilities. This can lead to maladaptive coping mechanisms such as isolating oneself from family, friends and support networks.

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